The name New Hope Lutheran, comes with much history.  At one time, we were part of a 4 point Parish; Pecatonica Parish.  In August 2013, Trinity Lutheran Church which was located in the Village of Blanchardville, merged with Blanchardville Lutheran Church.  Worship continued for special occasions at the Trinity site through 2016, especially during Holy Week for Good Friday and Easter Sunrise services.  Trinity also continued to serve as an outreach for our community as it was the location of the Pecatonica School District summer camp for a few years.  After a vote, it was decided to sell the Trinity Church.  (find out the year, etc and add that in here) In June 2014, after many years of ministry Pastor Mark Gruner took a new call, leaving the Pecatonica Parish.  During the interim, Blanchardville, Hollandale and York Memorial Lutheran churches discussed future ministry together and the possibility of merging together to become one new congregation.  At the parish board meeting in September 2014, the individual congregations began to present suggestions and plan for discussions at each church.  York Memorial decided to continue as a separate congregation.  Blanchardville and Hollandale churches continued to discuss merger and voted to merge.  The merger documents were signed in April 2015.  A celebration worship was led by Rev. Steve Kottke, Assistant to the Bishop on May 10, 2015, and after this worship service a special meeting was held to vote on the congregations new name – New Hope Lutheran.